Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment!

‘Sahara Q Saathi’ is a step forward by Sahara Q Shop on “Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment”. 'Sahara Q Saathi' is an engagement medium which ensures that every household in the neighborhood uses only unadulterated quality merchandised products and be a part of our motto Fight Against Adulteration. Sahara Q Shop’s endeavor is to make the world understand the menace of adulteration with the help of a ‘Sahara Q Saathi’ who will be a 'Torch Bearer' for the people in his/her social community.

‘Sahara Q Saathi’ can be anyone who believes in our mission and is willing to pursue it with rigor and while doing so, become self employed and earn a handsome living. A Sahara Q Saathi can be a person with strong social connect and willingness to help the society. It can be home makers, Gen Y and male associates, who want to earn handsome income with no investment.

By following these easy steps you can become a Sahara Q Saathi:
  1. Sahara Q Shop will register the Q Saathi
  2. Sahara Q Saathi will be educated about Sahara Q Shop value proposition and our motto “Fight against Adulteration”.
  3. Sahara Q Saathi will be trained on various aspects of quality and Q Shop’s commitment of delivering unadulterated quality merchandise products by carrying out multi-level stringent quality checks on their products.
  4. Sahara Q Saathi will be trained on end to end order management process.
  5. Sahara Q Saathi needs to enroll a customer base of 50-100 households.
  6. Sahara Q Saathi collects the order from her registered customer base and transfers it to Sahara Q Shop.
  7. Sahara Q Shop delivers the order at customer address within 24 hrs.
  8. Sahara Q Saathi earns commission as soon as the order is delivered to the respective customers.
It’s a golden opportunity for Women who want to work with a cause. It’s an opportunity to be a part of Quality Revolution and standing for a National cause “Fight against Adulteration”, Serve the community through social connect and Get Empowered through earning handsome income with no investment.

Alongwith Sahara Q Saathi, even her consumers who would be benefitted by getting the unadulterated and best quality products easily, conveniently and from the known and trusted source. They would also save time and money by getting free Home Delivery and Attractive gift offers.
So what are you waiting for. Just call our customer care no.011-66166666 or Type SPACESPACE” and send SMS to 9773033040. You can also drop an email to or logon to our website:

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